Ed Stiles: Bachelor of Physical Education U of A 91,
Certified Exercise Physiologist

“It has been my personal mission to help as many people as possible on the path to wellness through appropriate, professional, user friendly programming. I strive to provide clients with a solid foundation of efficient, functional movements that will make them better, faster, stronger, and injury free now and for the duration of their lives.”

With over 20 years experience building and overseeing safe effective programs for people of all ages and abilities, Ed is a master of blending the science and the art of training as well as balancing the psychology and the physiology needed for short and long term benefits.

What sets PPFS apart:

“I was fortunate to have shared an office with a physical therapist for 9 years. I also have excellent relationships with various chiropractors, registered massage therapists, doctors, as well as other physical therapists. This exposure to rehab professionals and their resources has greatly shaped my approach to training."

Performing movement screens and individualizing programs rather than simply handing out recipes for a given sport/ goal.

Approaching training from a movement rather than muscles perspective.

A balanced training paradigm, valuing the health of an individual.